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Mountaineering - Walking

Crete and particularly the prefecture of Rethymno invites the visitor to
not only enjoy the sea and the infrastructure of organised tourist resorts, but also to explore the multifarious beauties of the countryside and the mountains, where he can come into closer contact with the every-day-life of the locals in the villages.
While you enjoy the landscape, which includes harsh and remote areas as well as lush green, cultivated areas, you will also come to know the mountains and gorges and the inhabitants of isolated and often almost deserted villages. You will be given the opportunity to follow the trail of the history and the civilisation of the area at archaeological sites, historical monasteries, churches and settlements.
Furthermore, the grandeur of nature becomes obvious through the aromatic herbs and wild flowers, which grow prolifically on Crete.

- The European Path E4, which starts at the Pyrenees and continues through Europe and Greece, runs through Crete from the village of Kasteli /Kisamos to the village of Zakros. The adventurous visitor, who is attracted by mountaineering and walking, has the opportunity to follow this path through the Prefecture of Rethymno. We would like to describe a few of the most distinctive and sensational walking tours below:
- Kallikratis - Argyroupoli: It will take you approximately 5 hours to cover the distance of 16 km.
- Argyroupoli - Angouseliana: The distance of 23km can be covered in approximately 8 hours and is easy to walk.
- Spili - Gerakari: The total length of this tour, which will lead you across Mount Kedros and therefore includes a few difficulties, is 18,5km, a distance which can be covered in approximately 8 hours.

Mountain Bike

Rethymno provides one of the more interesting opportunities for tourists and locals to enjoy Cretan nature due to the fact that the countryside is only a small distance from the town and can be reached within a very short time. Beautiful provincial roads leading through lush vegetation with aromatic herbs and wild flowers invite the aficionado of mountain biking to experience this unique landscape. You can either participate in organised biking tours, where the routes are decided on, or you can rent a bike and choose an individual route of your own preference simply by following the map.

Water sports

Rethymno is situated between two seas, the Cretan and the Libyan Sea. This position has played an important role with regard to the development of a strong relationship between the locals and the sea. Genuine islanders that they are, the people living in coastal villages at least, love the wet element, which has become part of their lives either professionally or as a hobby. They became familiar with the secrets of the sea, which have been passed on from generation to generation, and have managed to combine entertainment and relaxation in this relationship. The most obvious was to take advantage of the abundant possibilities of the sea and to develop various activities, which both the locals and the visitors, who also enjoy the sea, to take pleasure in. Most of the organised beaches of Rethymno offer the opportunity of enjoying sensational activities such as water skiing, wind surfing, sea parachuting and many others.

One can also take part in diving excursions, which various diving centres offer, or take diving lessons and experience the unique underwater
world of our seas.

Wir empfehlen Kreta Holiday Rentals

  1. Traditional Chef in Kreta, Rethymno

    Traditional Chef

    in Kreta, Rethymno, ab 240 / Nacht

    Our private Cook in Rethymno and his team can visit you in your Villa in the area of Rethymno and prepare a lunch or dinner for all your family and your friends. A big variety of menus is offered and we can even prepare a tailor made menu according to your wishes.  Mehr...

  2. Villa Melini in Kreta, Rethymno, Sfakaki

    Villa Melini

    in Rethymno, Sfakaki, ab 100 / Nacht

    Villa Melini ist eine Maisonette-Stil traditionelle Villa mit zwei Schlafzimmern und einem privaten Pool, der südlichsten der beiden Villas Mamel. Die Villa befindet sich im traditionellen Dorf von Pagalochori, neben Sfakaki und Asteri, und 11 km östlich von der malerischen Stadt Rethymno.  Mehr...

  3. Villa Grigoris in Kreta, Rethymno, Sfakaki

    Villa Grigoris

    in Rethymno, Sfakaki, ab 290 / Nacht

    Die schöne 5-Schlafzimmer-Villa Grigoris liegt im Dorf Sfakaki, 800m vom Sandstrand entfernt.  Sie ist 9km östlich von der malerischen Stadt Rethymnon gelegen. Die Villa ist in drei Ebenen geteilt.  Im Erdgeschoss gibt es ein wunderschönes offenes Wohnzimmer mit Essber...  Mehr...

  4. Stella House in Kreta, Rethymno, Rethymnon town

    Stella House

    in Rethymno, Rethymnon town, ab 150 / Nacht

    Stella House ist eine gastfreundliche Villa mit 3 Schlafzimmern im Erdgeschoss im traditionellen Dorf von Tria Monastiria, 4 km von der malerischen Stadt Rethymno entfernt. Die Villa ist umgeben von einem großen Innenhof mit privaten Pool, Meerblick und schönen Bäumen und grünen Gärten.  Mehr...

  5. Villa Olive Paradise in Kreta, Rethymno, Adelianos Kampos

    Villa Olive Paradise

    in Rethymno, Adelianos Kampos, ab 180 / Nacht

    Villa Olive Paradise ist eine schöne Villa mit 3 Schlafzimmern und privatem Pool, die zwischen Olivenhainen gebaut wurde, etwa 1 km vom Sandstrand von Pigianos Kampos und 2 km vom Sandstrand von Adele entfernt.  Mehr...

  6. Villas Mamel in Kreta, Rethymno, Sfakaki

    Villas Mamel

    in Rethymno, Sfakaki, ab 200 / Nacht

    Die Villas Mamel sind zwei gleiche Villen mit je zwei Schlafzimmern und einem eigenen Pool, inmitten eines hübschen Gartens mit Grillplatz. Sie stehen am Rande des Dorfes Pagalochori, 11 km östlich der Stadt Rethymno.  Mehr...

  7. Flower Villas in Kreta, Rethymno, Gerani

    Flower Villas

    in Rethymno, Gerani, ab 155 / Nacht

    Die Flower Villas sind Villen mit jeweils drei Schlafzimmern. Die Lage der Villen ist ideal, denn sie liegen in ruhiger Lage am Hang der Bucht von Gerani, einem Dorf, das circa sieben Kilometer westlich von Rethymnon und 55 Kilometer östlich von Chania liegt.  Mehr...

  8. Villa Chloe in Kreta, Rethymno, Gerani

    Villa Chloe

    in Rethymno, Gerani, ab 185 / Nacht

    Villa Chloe is a lovely 4-bedroom villa with a private pool, which is located 1 km from the center of the traditional village of Gerani and is one of the two Friendly Villas. Within 1300 meters a supermarket and a tavern can be reached while the long, sandy beach of Episkopi is 6 km away.  Mehr...

  9. Beloved Villa in Kreta, Rethymno, Roussospiti

    Beloved Villa

    in Rethymno, Roussospiti, ab 150 / Nacht

    Beloved Villa ist eine Villa von 240 sq m mit 5 Schlafzimmer und Meerblick im ruhigen Dorf Roussospiti, etwa 5 km von Altstadt Rethymno.  Mehr...

  10. Aqua Marina Apartments in Kreta, Rethymno, Rethymnon town

    Aqua Marina Apartments

    in Rethymno, Rethymnon town, ab 0 / Nacht

    Aqua Marina Hotel is a family-run Hotel only a few meters away from the blue flag awarded sandy beach of Rethymno, many taverns, cafes and mini markets. The lovely promenade of Rethymno, many small shops and the old town is found at about 600 meters away while the Venetian castle of Fortezza lies 1400 meters west.  Mehr...