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Sea Star Excursions

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Εscape from the crowds through experiencing a private cruise to the most beautiful and isolated destinations in the area of Chania with Sea Star Excursions for up to 10 people during the summer.

Depart from the old Venetian Harbor of Chania town with direction to Gramvousa island and Balos lagoon, one of the most famous sights in Mediterranean. Start your tour on the land from the Venetian Castle, enjoying breathtaking views while a member of Sea Star Excursions accompanies you, telling you stories from the 16th century. Afterwards, you can relax at the white sand of Balos, enjoy the warm sun and swim at the crystal waters.

For those who seek adventure, the private bay of Menies full of wild flaura and fauna, hidden between the cliffs will be an ideal destination. Enter the peninsula of Rodopou, consisting of sea cliff and rocks, where hieraaetus and falco peregrines build their nests and dive in to the green waters. At the northern side, visit the ancient city of Diktyna where you will find the remains of an ancient temple.

If you are a nature lovel, visit the National Park of Theodorou island well known for its rarity of plants and animals and historical remains. Take photos of the Giant Cave, listen to the stories of the Venetian Castle, explore Glaronisi and come closer to the wild Cretan 'kri kri'. Dive and discover the Rock Pile or the underwater wreck of the German aircraft 'Junker 52', shot down during the World War II.

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