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How to contact


English is spoken more or less fluently by all Cretans working in hotels, guesthouses and other tourist-related industries, and n most bars and restaurants. Learning a few words of Greek, even if only those for 'hello' (yiassou or kalimera), 'please' (parakalo) and 'thank you' (efcharisto), will be much appreciated.

Changing Money

Like in most EU member states, Greece adopted the euro in 2002. Change money or travellers' cheques at banks in larger town and villages, at post offices displaying a yellow 'Exchange' sign, and at travel agencies and some hotels in holiday resorts. Always take your passport when changing money. Banks are normally open 8am-2pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-1:30pm Friday.

Public Phones

Phones are plentiful and efficient, with separate booths for local and international calls. International booths are prominently marked, and there are multi-lingual instructions in all phone boxes.

Mobile Phones

Mobiles are widely used in Greece and there should be no problems in using their phones in Crete.

Post Offices

The post office (taxidromeion) is shown with a round yellow sign and is usually open 7:30am-2pm Monday to Friday. Some post offices also exchange money and traveller's cheques.


There are internet cafes in all main towns and most resorts.

TV and Radio

The BBC World Service can be received on 9.41, 15.07 and 12.09 Mhz shortwave. Most hotels in C category (3-star) and above have satellite TV receiving Sky and CNN. Voice of America English-language broadcasts also come through clearly.


Most European newspapers can be bought in resorts the day after publication. The International Herald Tribune published daily, carries worldwide news and US sports resorts, and includes an English edition of the main Greek daily, Kathimerini. For news from North America, USA Today is on sale in many resorts. Also published in English is the daily Athens News, with Greek and international reports.