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Panormo village 2Panormo is a romantic, picturesque, seaside village developed in a lovely small bay which is located 22 km east from Rethymnon. It still has the air of a fishing, quiet village with a few traditional tavernas and cafe-bars and a couple of good sandy beaches in the village.

We strongly recommend Panormo for couples or families looking for tranquility and hospitality far from the overdeveloped villages of north Crete.

The ancient town of Panormo flourised here from 1st to the 9th century AD when it was destroyed by the Saracens. There is a post office, ATM machine and a new cultural centre provided in the village of Panormo. A tourist mini-train leaves from the main street for the nearby Melidoni Cave and the pottery village of Margarites.

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Holiday Rentals We Recommend

  1. Marelina Apartments in Kreeta, Rethymno, Panormo

    Marelina Apartments

    in Rethymno, Panormo, from 58 / night

    Marelina huoneistot ja studiot rakennettu meren rannalla rauhallinen, romanttinen kylä Panormo, joka sijaitsee 22 km itään Rethymnonin. Ne ovat ihanteellinen valinta niille, jotka etsivät perinteinen Kreetan vain 100 metrin päässä hiekkarannalta.  More...

  2. Villa Irene Panormo in Kreeta, Rethymno, Panormo

    Villa Irene Panormo

    in Rethymno, Panormo, from 103 / night

    Villa Irene Panormo is a brand new 2-bedroom semi-detached Villa in the small village of Roumeli, 20 km away from the beautiful city of Rethymno and 4 km away from the nearest sandy beach of Panormo, where a few traditional taverns and cafes can be found.  More...

  3. Villa Sylvia Panormo in Kreeta, Rethymno, Panormo

    Villa Sylvia Panormo

    in Rethymno, Panormo, from 101 / night

    The brand new 2-bedroom semi-detached Villa Sylvia Panormo is built in the traditional village of Roumeli. It is located 20 km away from the picturesque city of Rethymno and 4 km away from the nearest sandy beach of Panormo, where many traditional taverns and cafés can also be found.  More...

  4. Kirki Village in Kreeta, Rethymno, Panormo

    Kirki Village

    in Rethymno, Panormo, from 0 / night

    Kirki Village is located in the very peaceful, seaside village of Panormo, only 150 m from the center of the village and 200 m from the lovely sandy beach. The picturesque town of Rethymno is 22 km west.  More...

  5. Villas Bali in Kreeta, Rethymno, Bali

    Villas Bali

    in Rethymno, Bali, from 200 / night

    Villas Balissa on kaksi kolmen makuuhuoneen villaa. Molemmissa villoissa on oma uima-allas ja mahtavat merinäköalat. Villat sijaitsevat kolmen kilometrin päässä Balin kuuluisasta merenrantakylästä. Villojen välissä kulkee yhteinen tie ja ne sijaitsevat 24 kilometriä itään Rethymnonista, 43 kilometriä länteen Iraklionista.  More...

  6. Villa Cacasa in Kreeta, Rethymno, Perama

    Villa Cacasa

    in Rethymno, Perama, from 140 / night

    Villa Cacasa is a just renovated 4-bedroom Villa with a private pool, in the tranquil small village of Choumeri, 4.5 km from the town of Perama, 10 km from the nearest sandy beach, and 30 km from the picturesque town of Rethymno.  More...

  7. Stone Village in Kreeta, Rethymno, Bali

    Stone Village

    in Rethymno, Bali, from 70 / night

    Stone Village on pieni hotelli on rakennettu perinteinen kylä tyyli, joka sijaitsee rauhallisella alueella Bali, 1000m päässä hiekkarannalta ja 400 metrin päässä valtatie kohti Rethymnonin tai Heraklion.  More...

  8. Aria Villa in Kreeta, Rethymno, Asteri

    Aria Villa

    in Rethymno, Asteri, from 392 / night

    Aria Villa is a brand new 5-bedroom villa with five en-suite bathrooms and a private pool in the peaceful village of Asteri, 3 km from the nearest sandy beach and 13 km away from the town of Rethymno.  More...

  9. Villa Stavromenos in Kreeta, Rethymno, Stavromenos

    Villa Stavromenos

    in Rethymno, Stavromenos, from 220 / night

    Villa Stavromenos on kaunis huvila yksityinen uima-allas ja 4 makuuhuonetta, rakennettu merenrantakylässä Stavromenos.Huvila sijaitsee 1100 metrin päässä hiekkarannasta ja 12 km itään Rethymnonin.  More...

  10. Villa Local in Kreeta, Rethymno, Dafnedes

    Villa Local

    in Rethymno, Dafnedes, from 150 / night

    Ihana Villa Local tarjoaa kuusi tilavaa makuuhuonetta ja sijaitsee pieni perinteinen kylä Dafnedes, noin 14 km etelään erinomainen, hiekkarannalla Balilla, 32 km Rethymnon kaupungista ja 60 km päässä Heraklionista.  More...