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Sea Side Resort & Spa

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6 June 2017
nice view, private pool, easy to find a parking space, next to beach, adult only pool and bar, warm welcome, 30 min from the airport hard to find the hotel at the first time, lot of steps may not suitable for disabled person We had a fantastic time at the hotel and would like to say a special thank you for our honeymoon present :)
7 May 2017
Hotel Sea Side Resort & Spa położony jest we wspaniałym miejscu- na wzgórzu. Dookoła cudowny widok morza kreteńskiego. Cisza, spokój. Komfortowe pokoje w większości z widokiem na morze zapewniają wspaniały wypoczynek. Restaruracja hotelowa serwuje kuchnię zarówno kreteńską jak i kontynentalną. Jakość, sposób podania i obsługa na najwyższym poziomie. Śniadanie i lunch na odpowiednim poziomie, zaś kolacja to już co najmniej 4 **** Michelin. Serwis na bardzo wysokim poziomie. Zarówno manadżerowie, którzy dbają aby gościom nic nie zabrakło, kelnerzy i barmani, Panie sprzątające codziennie pokoje, ogrodnicy. 1.Zdecydowanie brak plaży i serwisu na plaży. Położona nieopodal publiczna plaża Mononaftis jest kamienista zarówno na plaży jak i w wodzie. Hotel mimo, że 5 ***** nie zabezpiecza na plaży nic- jedynie dojście do niej lub dojechanie windą.

2. Baseny hotelowe są bardzo małe jak na ilość pokoi 248.
Na wielką pochwałę zasługują przede wszystkim ludzie którzy pracują na dobrą markę Hotelu Sea Side Resort & Spa. Manadżer Pani Maria - wspaniała kompetentna, profesjonalna osoba. Pani Maria troszczy się o klienta zarówno w momencie rezerwacji ( udziela natychmiastowych porad, odpowiedzi na zadawane pytania, służy wszelką pomocą natychmiast), jak i po jego przybyciu .Wspaniały Pan Yannis - z ( człowiek dla którego praca i firma jest pasją -a klient jest od początku partnerem -BRAVO. Pani kelner Stella - Pani obsługująca nas podczas posiłków. Wspaniała kobieta, obsługująca błyskawicznie klientów z pięknym uśmiechem na twarzy i zawsze miłym słowem. Te trzy osoby tworzą niesamowitą aurę dla Hotelu.
15 April 2017
Τα δωματια ειναι ευρυχωρα, το στρωμα των κρεβατιων καταπληκτικο και η θεα εκπληκτικη. Το προσωπικο στη διαθεση μας καθε στιγμη, ευγενεστατο και εξυπηρετικο, ιδιως στους animateur οι οποιοι διασκεδασαν εμας και τα παιδια μας (τα παιδια τους λατρεψαν). Το φαγητο για all inclusive ηταν πολυ καλο, πλουσιο σε επιλογες. Το μονο μειονεκτημα οφειλεται στην γεωγραφικη θεση του επειδη ειναι χτισμενο στον αμφιθεατρικο βραχο της Αγιας Πελαγιας εχει αρκετα σκαλοπατια, ανηφορες, κατηφορες στη μετακινηση το οποιο ισως να ειναι προβλημα για ηλικιωμενους επισκεπτες. πρωτη φορα χρησιμιποιησα το και ειμαι ικανοποιημενη και εντυπωσιασμενη απο την εξυπηρετηση και το ενδιαφερον του για την κρατηση και διαμονη μας.
22 July 2016
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20 September 2015
great place to relax room with shared pool wasn't great!
the pool water all over the place are toooooo cold! couldn't enjoy the facilities because of it.
the food wasn't good. too much food, and non of it was good. are great!!! amazing service!!! best you can get!!!
7 September 2015
The hotel is in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The view of the sea from the hotel is just breathtaking, so it's worth the money to get a sea-view room. The location is excellent, you can visit most of the island if you stay for one or two weeks. We even went to Santorini for a day (it's not far at all either). The people are simply lovely. We've been treated with hospitality we experience in only a few places in the world. Special thanks to Stela from the serving staff. She is wonderful.
Keep smiling Stela! made our reservation and all very nice and straight forward. We could rely on them for information and help at all times. They have done a very good job and made us feel most welcome in Crete. They even made us a little surprise when we got there.
We would absolutely recommend both and CHC Sea Side Resort and Spa to literally everyone.
1 September 2015
Πλουσιο φαγητο Μικρες πισινες, να περιμενεις σε ουρες για το δειπνο, να μην προσφερουνε ελληνικο καφε, ελλειψη παρκιν για τα αμαξια Σε καμια περιπτωση μπορει να χαρακτηριστει σαν πεντε αστερων

13 August 2015
Nice hotel area, good food, very friendly personnel in the restaurants Far from cities, too big hotel (too crowded) Arriving to the hotel late in the evening we got very bad surprise - instead of 2-floor Family Maisonette room we had booked 6 months ahead we were directed most probably to the ugliest room in the hotel :) After serious discussions the Client Service Manager promised to change the room next day (as the hotel was 100% booked). So - starting from the 2nd day our vacation was perfect but the first impression was already ruined...

12 July 2015
Thank you very match about everything it was very good! and you have very good service . thank you 😃

4 July 2015
Lovely location, beautiful sea view everywhere. Very good service. Not a 5 star hotel. Rooms are rather basic, our mesionette style room had only a shower with a hanging curtain. Maintenance was mediocre.

4 July 2015
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28 June 2015
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20 May 2015
Very nice Service People, partly nice architecture, good Feta and fresh fruits Food ( big Buffet but not really good besides a view things), VERY loud Water that flows all over the day and partly at night at your private pool ( if you're in the room, sounds like there is a Waterfall in front), besides is the water cold as ice, no Chance to swim, i tried, beds are not good either (woke every night up with back hurting), no Snacks at all inside Minibar, just something to drink, loud Refrigerator, rusty chairs at the private Terrasse, almost at the complete Ressort very slippery floor, also inside rooms ( fall down twice after shower) Room looked different than online (however, they offered to Change room if i wouldn't have been too lazy to do it) If you're not good by foot, you should not go there, because a lot of stairs to go everyday - even if there is an Elevator, and if you wana go to Agia P. take the bus, except if you're a climber. WiFi only around reception, not at the rooms. All my opinions/complains are of course related on a high Level, but i expect something else for this Price. Food is not really good, missed real greek Food (dolmadakias, moussaka , souflaki pita, rizogalla etc etc) and instead of a chinese Restaurant should there be a Taverna or similar with the common really good greek food, i missed a lot from Crete, but couldn't find anything at all - TRADITIONAL is almost nothing there. One came back from Heraklion and told me that he has eaten something strange - i found out it was souflaki pita - strange ?? Thats one of the common Foods from Greece general, so thats exactly what i mean - if you just stay at the Hotel, you don't know anything. However, there has been so much changing at Kriti in general, i missed the charme, the nice smell, the fantastic greek Food - all gone - nothing left, that for greeks have today more stress than ever, was that worth the Money you got from selling your Country ? I know, and i'm Feeling ashamed if i think that my Generation, or lets say the tourists, were the first who started breaking this Island . I for myself will not come back to Kriti because it hurts me to see what happend there, i will just keep in mind how lovely and almost perfect it was at the past, and forget how it is today.
24 April 2015
Very beautiful sea view, from the room and the hotel
Very nice hotel
Meal: apart from some basic dishes for tourists, some very good dishes with cretan specialities
Nice personnel
Crete is a beautiful island / Cretan are very hospitable
Comfort of the room average
Poor wine (for the wine in the inclusive formula)
Breakfast: fruit juice just disgusting
We were supposed to stay in another hotel (Athina Palace resort) and due to a renovation in the Athina hotel, our hotel was changed. Of course we will never know if Athina was better or worse than Sea Side, but the Sea Side photos seemed to be better, so we may have gained with the exchange.
What we did not appreciate is that during the stay, one of the manager of the Sea Side hotel requested us to leave and go back to Athina as the renovation was finished in the middle of our stay. This would have meant to move with all luggage and children. After discussion they accepted us to stay in Sea Side. Trouble is that in the end we had the feeling not to be very welcome in Sea Side, which spoiled our opinion on the Sea Side staff.

21 August 2014
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