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Stone Village

Varaa Nyt


Stone Village, Bali, pool-area-2

Stone Village offers three swimming pools including one pool specially designed for the kids all of which are enclosed for security reasons. A pool-bar for snacks and soft drinks and a small library are provided next to the big pool area.

The traditional hotel also provides barbecue facilities, mini market (many products are produced in the hotel), a restaurant, as well as relaxing facilities such as sauna, hammam and Jacuzzi.

For the young guests a playground with all the appropriate equipment is available. Guests will be able to live an unique experience producing the traditional raki in the small workshop or pressing grapes for making wine in a small traditional laboratory.

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Finally, guests will discover a small earthy paradise with lavish gardens and a petting zoo with animals such as donkeys, horses and ponies with which children can play, as well as goats, sheep and chickens from which we produce local products.

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