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Oia Sunset 1Santorini, also known as Thira or Fira, is a famous, gorgeous island in the centre of Aegean, about 200 km southeast from mainland of Greece and about 120 km north of Crete. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name.

Santorini is famous for its mystical avra and cosmpololitan atmosphere, the unique sunset of Oia, the lovely beaches with black sand and crystal waters, the fantastic architecture and street design.

The name Santorini comes from Saint Irene, the small church in the village of Oia, at 10 km north of Fira. Some people relate Santorini with the myth of Atlantida, the ancient country which was devastated at its peak point thousand of years before. What is certain, though, is that Santorini was destroyed by a huge earthquake at 1500 BC, when 83.000 sq km of land disappeared. The tsunami, which had a start height of 200 meters!, caused the end of Minoan Civilisation in Crete.

Santorini is famous for its unique beaches with volcanic sand, such as the Red ”Κόκκινη” sandy baech and the White “Άσπρη” beaches near the village of Akrotiri, on the southern coast of the island, and the grey and black sandy beaches in Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos, and Monolithos, on the eastern coast of the island. There are also more beautiful beaches along the northern shores, such as Ammoudi, Armeni, Baxedes, Paradissos, Koloubos, and Vourvoulou.

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Kamari Beach : The most popular beach of Santorini, gathering the majority of visitors. A great number of hotels, inns, shops and people, composing a pure setting of vacations. Awarded with the E.U. blue flag beach.Red Beach : The name of the beach reveals its colour. The volcano here selected its own favorite colour. Dark red stone becoming red sand down deep at the seabottom. Even though access is difficult – you have to walk for quite long –, it is really worth living the experience!White Beach : Right next to the Red Beach, stretches out the White Beach, simply for a change in color! Small, with clear transparent waters, white pebbles, calmness and tranquillity! It is worth exploring the sea bottom with your mask and snorkel! For those who want to see and feel the difference!

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Map 1Santorini Sightseeing

All guests of Santorini should visit the world-famous sunset of Oia – people from everywhere in the world come to live this unique experience!

The most famous ancient sites in Santorini are the Akrotiri settlement and Ancient Thira.Akrotiri dates back to Prehistoric Times and is considered to be linked to the Lost Continent of Atlantida. At this site, you have the opportunity to admire a well-preserved settlement, including houses, stores, staircases, roads and an ancient sewage system.

Ancient Thira, which is located on a hill above the villages of Kamari and Perissa, is a marvellous site, complete with ruins of sanctuaries, an agora, a theatre, a gymnasium, and a graveyard. You should visit the Museum of Pre-historic Thira in Fira. You will be impressed with the findings exhibited there.

You can also dedicate a day to take a boat trip to the volcanic isles of Thirassia, Palea Kammeni and Nea Kammeni, which are located in the Caldera area, next to Santorini.


Santorini Nightlife

In Santorini all guests will find a wide selection of entertainment venues, from quiet cafes and cozy, sea view bars to stimulating clubs and from traditional tavernas to posh fusion restaurants.

One of the best features of the island is its cuisine (wine, few traditional dishes and sweets). We recommend trying some of the traditional dishes, including fried white aubergines, tomato balls, courgette balls, sun-dried tomatoes and fava bean dip, and a bottle of famous Santorini wine.

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