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Horafakia Car Rental
9.5 Fantastinen based on 83 reviews


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Horafakia Car Rental

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9.5 Based on 83 reviews
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8 September 2021
Όλα τέλεια, ακριβώς όπως τα φαντάζεσαι από τις φωτογραφίες στο διαδίκτυο.

22 August 2021
Very nice and very welcoming, pick up at airport worked very well.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
21 August 2021
Everything was perfect. We had a small problem with out car and it’s been replaced the very next day. Amazing service and prices in Chania.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
21 July 2021
Very good car to get around. Big enough for a family of four with one big suitcase and 4 smaller ones.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
4 June 2021
Horafakia Car Rental is without a doubt the very best car rental business I've ever dealt with.

I've had so many negative experiences with car rental businesses around the world - they normally have no worries about adding extra charges or just providing terrible service. Horafakia Car Rental is so refreshingly different. They made our trip to Crete a real joy.

Highly recommended.

1 September 2020
Excellent all round. Will definitely use again.

23 August 2020
Arriving at the airport we were received as agreed. Afterwards we had to fill out the documents on the sidewalk, there was no office... .There were also fees as we paid by credit card.
One car was in good condition but the 9-seater was in a desolate condition. The interior was disgusting, the air conditioning had an unpleasant smell and 2 out of 3 brake lights were defective. In addition a foldable seat was very wobbly.
The day after we complained. The service was very friendly and helpful. The vehicle was exchanged without any problems and we received 2 very good vehicles which were delivered to our villa.
After the first bad impression I can praise the service and in the end everything was fine.

9 August 2020
Good services. Clean cars.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
18 August 2019
Excellent service for a very good price. The representative from Horafakia was waiting for us at the airport, we sign documents, paid, and get a car. Easy as that. Seats weren't the cleanest, but we did not leave it in a better condition so it's just fair. The owner did his best to get us a car in a price range we wanted even if it meant it wasn't a new car as advertised on their website.
Overall very happy with the service and would recommend it to our friends.

11 August 2019
Prompt service. Excellent location, right next to the Chania airport. Very good value for money.

9 August 2019
Very good service. Really enjoyed having a car to get to see all the beautiful beaches. Will definitely use this company again.

5 August 2019
Everything was good and personnel very nice.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
29 July 2019
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United States of AmericaUnited States of America
13 July 2019
Car pick-up and return was fast and easy. No complications. The vehicle was clean and in very good working order. Very satisfied.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
9 July 2019
I was delighted with the very high level of service, excellent value for money.