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Maleme village 1Maleme is a historical, seaside, quiet village, 16 km west of the city of Chania, which is developed around the church of Agios Antonios. It is built on small hills, between the small rivers Tavronitis and Geranis, surrounded by olive trees, orange trees and vineyards. Maleme is next to Gerani and near to Platanias.

Along the old National Road which passes through Maleme there are located all the everyday facilities; a supermarket, a butcher, a public Medicine Center, Police Department, pharmacy, mini-markets.

There are many cafes, tavernas and restaurants dispersed from the center of the village to the beach a few hundreds meters to the north. There is also a primary school in the village.

Maleme Map 1There are provided many kinds of water sports, fishing, snorkelling, and diving in the waterfront of Maleme; mountain biking is available on the cliffs south of the village, and horse riding facilities are provided in the horse riding centre in the nearby village of Deres. The long fine pebble beach on the north is partly organised (not crowded) and provides all kind of facilities such as sun-chairs, umbrellas, showers and sea sports. There are cafes, bars and restaurants along the waterfront road. If you want more intense nightlife just try the nearby villages of Platanias and Agia Marina or visit the old town of Chania.

In the Maleme district took place the famous Battle of Crete in the Second World War, which started on the 21st of Mai 1941 and led to the invasion of the German troops after the fall of the airfield of Maleme. There is a German cemetery nearby the village with 4465 buried German soldiers. It is placed on a hillside below the ridge known as Hill 107, which played a very important role in the defence of the airfield.

A Late Minoan tomb which was discovered in 1966 near the cemetery is also worth seeing.

Maleme is near the knot of the new National Road in Gerani, making it easy to travel everywhere in Crete. Its time-distance from the international airport of Akrotiri and the Souda port is a little more than half an hour, if you come from the new National Road. There are also frequent buses from the center of Chania.

Maleme Beach 1Maleme Island 1Maleme Beach 2

Holiday Rentals We Recommend

  1. Casa Rustica in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Casa Rustica

    in Chania, Maleme, from 200 / night

    Casa Rustica is a brand new 2-bedroom Villa with a lovely private pool, designed with the life experience of the kind owner. A sea view private pool with a children corner, in a plot planted with olive trees, a wineyard, and cypress trees is available to explore. The Villa is located on top of a hill, 6 km from Maleme shingle beach.  More...

  2. Modern Interior Villa in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Modern Interior Villa

    in Chania, Maleme, from 250 / night

    Modern Interior Villa on upouusi, moderni 6-makuuhuoneen huvila, joka sijaitsee 5 km päässä merenrantakylän Maleme, 9 km päässä Plataniaksen ja 19 km länteen Hanian viehättävä kaupunki. Tämä erittäin ylellinen huvila istuu päälle oliivi-kasvanut kukkula kehua upea, panoraamanäköala merelle.  More...

  3. Villa Perfection in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Villa Perfection

    in Chania, Maleme, from 210 / night

    Villa Perfection is a brand new 3-bedroom plus an attic villa with gorgeous sea views and a private pool, located in the small village of Kontomari, a quiet and peaceful place in the area of Platanias, 19 km west of the picturesque town of Chania.  More...

  4. Nature Inspired Villa in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Nature Inspired Villa

    in Chania, Maleme, from 210 / night

    Nature Inspired Villa is a brand new, traditional 2-bedroom villa with a lovely private pool, in the small traditional village of Manoliopoulo. It's a stone-built villa beautifully located on top of a hill about 8 km from the shingle beach of Maleme and 21 km from the beautiful town of Chania.  More...

  5. Cute Villa in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Cute Villa

    in Chania, Maleme, from 140 / night

    Cute Villa is an eco-friendly 2-bedroom Villa of 60 sq m, with a private pool and an outdoor jacuzzi, the west Villa in a group of three brand new Villas, within a distance of 900 meters from the pebble beach of Maleme. A restaurant is located at 550 meters away and a supermarket at 600 meters away.  More...

  6. Athina Lux Villas in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Athina Lux Villas

    in Chania, Maleme, from 130 / night

    Athina Lux Villas are three sea view Villas, each with a private pool and a private courtyard. They are located in the peaceful small village of Xamoudochori, 9 km west of Platanias and 23 km from the picturesque town of Chania.  More...

  7. Korali Villa in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Korali Villa

    in Chania, Maleme, from 140 / night

    Korali Villa is a brand new eco-friendly Villa with 2 bedrooms, a private pool and an outdoor jacuzzi, and belongs to a complex of three modern Villas. The Villa is located 900 meters from the pebble beach of Maleme and there is a restaurant at 550 meters and a supermarket at 600 meters away.  More...

  8. Villa Pomegranate in Kreeta, Chania, Maleme

    Villa Pomegranate

    in Chania, Maleme, from 0 / night

    Villa Pomegranate is an elegant 2-bedroom villa with a private pool, set in its own beautiful gardens, located 5 km away from the shingle beach of Maleme and about 9 km from the sandy beach of Platanias.  More...

  9. Androulakis Apartments in Kreeta, Chania, Gerani

    Androulakis Apartments

    in Chania, Gerani, from 0 / night

    Androulakis huoneistot sijaitsevat kylässä Gerani, 14 km Haniasta länteen ja vain 300 metrin päässä hiekkarannalta. Ystävällinen ja perhe huoneistot sijaitsevat vehreässä ympäristössä kuten puutarha, oranssi lehto ja kukkia.  More...

  10. Lycasti Maisonettes in Kreeta, Chania, Tavronitis

    Lycasti Maisonettes

    in Chania, Tavronitis, from 32 / night

    Lycasti Maisonettes sijaitsee tunnettu Tavronitis lomakeskus, kylien välissä Maleme ja Kolymbari, on alueella 4 hehtaarin rauhallinen ympäristö, keskuudessa kaunis puutarha ja ruohoinen maisema, 20 km päässä kaunis kaupunki Hania.  More...