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Chania old harborChania is the capital town of the area of Chania. This beautiful city, located on the north shore of Crete, is an ideal base for exploring the whole island. The prefecture of Chania covers the west part of the island and its important towns; Souda, Agia Marina, Platanias, Kastelli, Paleochora, Kandanos and Chora Sfakion.

Chania is about 1 hour (59 km) long from Rethymno and 2 hours (137 km) long from Heraklion. It is easily accessible from Athens by three regular flights a day (45 minutes) during winter and four during summer. The International Airport is located 11km outside the city on Akrotiri. There are also two daily boats from Piraeus (Athens) to Souda.

The prefecture of Chania offers tourism services and activities of all kinds covering all demands. The city of Chania preserves all the features of the Venetian rule times. The White Mountains (Lefka Ori), rising behind the city and diving south in the Livikon Pelagos in the area of Sfakia, consist of numerous gorges for nature-lovers and enthousiastic mountaineers. The sandy beaches and the deep clear waters in them (Elafonissi, Falassarna, Paleochora, Georgioupoli, etc) are ideal for swimming. The minoan, roman and byzantine archaeologocial sites are tempting for those interested in cultural and historical explorations.

Agioi Theodoroi isletPlatanias sandy beachKalathas

Geographical Elements: The county of Chania covers the western part of Crete and has an area of 2.376 km2 and with a population of 140,000 residents (1991 inventory). The county is divided into 5 provinces with the capital the city of Chania (52.000 population). Since 1999 the county is divided into 23 counties and 2 provinces. The north area of the county with very welcome seas ends up to 3 peninsulas. Concerning the south side of the island towards the Libyan sea it presents the biggest amount of sunlight in Europe. North, west and south the county is surrounded by sea.

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Why to visit Chania

Chania is regarded as a very picturesque small city of Greece, with a lot of life during the summer months, friendly people, blue sea and sky, and sandy beaches. The famous old town with its small streets and the Venetian buildings, the picturesque Venetian harbour with the Lighthouse and the Firkas castle create a majestic, romantic atmosphere which can be rarely found in Europe.

Chania is an ideal destination to combine the romantic atmosphere of the Venetian Town with the touristic facilities that have been created during the last years; the well-organised sandy beaches west and east of the city, the numerous cafes, restaurants and tavernas along the old harbour and the seaside villages, the endless waterfront to the west and the east of the city, the beach-bars on the sandy beaches, the seaside clubs and bars outside the city.

Chania is also an ideal location to explore the rest of Crete since the distances are not really a big deal; you can find some of the most unique sights and natural beaches of Crete in less than 60 minutes distance in south and west Crete, the most famous archaeological sites of Knossos and Phaestos dating thousands of years ago in the nearby districts of Heraklion and Rethymnon, the remaining of the Turkish and the Venetian castles dispersed in many remote villages of the island, the existing Venetian Monasteries and Churches. Here you can also try to pass the longest gorge of Europe - Samaria Gorge, 17 km length - and visit some of the purest, traditional villages of Crete.

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Аренда недвижимости для отдыха Мы Рекоммендуем

  1. Transfers Chania в Крит, Ханья

    Transfers Chania

    в Крит, Ханья, от 300 / ночь

    We can organise a transfer from Chania airport or Souda port to your Villa or Hotel with a mini Van with an a additional cost which depends on your destination.  Более...

  2. Wedding in Crete в Крит, Ханья

    Wedding in Crete

    в Крит, Ханья, от 500 / ночь

    Сделать свадьбу мечты в прекрасном острове Крит! Идеальное место для вашего отдыха и ванной отличный выбор для вашей свадьбы, а также. Красивые, романтические места, песчаные пляжи, синее море, яркое солнце, великолепные закаты и чистый горный воздух делают Крит идеальным выбором для медового месяца.  Более...

  3. Wine tasting в Крит, Ханья

    Wine tasting

    в Крит, Ханья, от 0 / ночь

    During your holidays in Crete, try a wine tasting tour at a local winery, get to know about the process of wine making and taste different types of local wine! We can organize a tour for you in an authentic winery of your choice such as Manousakis Winery, Dourakis Winery, Karavitakis Winery or Pnevmatikakis Winery in Crete.  Более...

  4. Private Chef в Крит, Ханья

    Private Chef

    в Крит, Ханья, от 40 / ночь

    Личный повар может быть организован в вилле для всех наших гостей. Специальные меню (критские, Морепродукты, Средиземноморская, Вегетарианская) и вина могут быть предоставлены, предлагая уникальные вкусовые ощущения. Гости имеют возможность расслабиться и насладиться специальной обед или ужин с частным дегустации.  Более...

  5. Townhouse Emi в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Townhouse Emi

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 90 / ночь

    The lovely 2-bedroom Townhouse Emi is located in the area of Splanzia, in the old town of Chania. It is a 4-story refurbished Townhouse, keeping up with the historical context that surrounds it, while it also offers all the modern necessities.  Более...

  6. Metropolis House в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Metropolis House

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 107 / ночь

    Metropolis House is a lovely 3-bedroom house with two bathrooms in the heart of the picturesque old town of Chania, 100 meters from the square of Metropolis church. Many cafes, restaurants, shops, and one supermarket can be found within very short walking distance.  Более...

  7. Splanzia Townhouse в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Splanzia Townhouse

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 90 / ночь

    Прекрасный 1-комнатная квартира Splanzia Townhouse в области Splanzia в старом городе Ханья и может вместить до 4 человек. Он расположен в нескольких минутах ходьбы от всего, что вам может понадобиться, одно дыхание от Splanzia площади и улицы Daliani.  Более...

  8. Navarino Apartment в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Navarino Apartment

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 80 / ночь

    Navarino Apartment is a lovely first floor 2-bedroom apartment located in the picturesque old Venetian town of Chania. Many cafes, restaurants and mini markets, museums and the famous Lighthouse are found within only a few minutes walking distance whereas the sandy beach of Nea Chora is located 1,5 km away.  Более...

  9. Jeep Safari in Chania в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Jeep Safari in Chania

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 0 / ночь

    All our guests in west Crete have the opportunity to participate in guided Jeep excursions with a 7-seater Mitsubishi Pajero, in order to exlpore the beautiful Cretan landscapes, the Cretan culture and cuisine. A variety of Jeep and hiking adventures with proffesional drivers by Chania Adventures Team are offered.  Более...

  10. Sea Star Excursions в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Sea Star Excursions

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 90 / ночь

    Наши гости могут совершить экскурсию с небольшим, очень роскошной яхте, начиная с гавани старого города Ханья на острове Теодору, самой красивой лагуне Balos или к великолепной бухте Menies. Более короткие 2-часовые поездки могут быть также расположены с Платаньяс arounda остров Агии Теодори.  Более...