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Platanias Villas
9.2 Εξαιρετικό βασισμένο σε 156 σχόλια


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Platanias Villas

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9.2 βασισμένο σε 156 σχόλια
Υπηρεσίες και Προσωπικό
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Εμφανίζονται 136-150 (Σύνολο 156)

15 July 2012
Περάσαμε πάρα πολύ ωραία. Απολαύσαμε την άνεση των χώρων, την πισίνα, την ησυχία-ηρεμία, αν και ήμασταν κοντά στον κύριο δρόμο.
Με αυτές τις τιμές σίγουρα ξαναερχόμαστε και τις εντυπώσεις μας θα τις μοιραστούμε με φίλους

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
14 July 2012
Absolutely fabulous holiday enjoyed by three generations! Lovely well cared for accommodation and great resort. Would definately recommend.

6 July 2012
i hope to return the next year

28 June 2012
Since we stayed in the villa and did not actually made so much food inside it, i cant tell much about dining in the villa, but dining in Creete is always very good! And our stay is the best I have ever experienced after visited Creete over 30 times in life, THIS IS NO 1 . Thank you for everything!!

13 June 2012
Thank you for the attention we received during our stay in Platanias Villas.
For sure we will be next year again.
Everything was perfect!!!
Thank you, Simona M.

7 June 2012
We have been very happy with our stay at Villa Dimitra, who lived up to our expectations.
Only complaint was lack of internet connection.
We got as compensation before leaving a nice lunch buffet.
Great service.
We will be happy to return to one of Platanias Villas offers.
Thank you for this time!
Karsten Østergaard

United KingdomUnited Kingdom
5 June 2012
Communication with was good. I received quick responses to my emails.
When we arrived at Platanias Villas there was wine in the fridge and a bowl of fruit left out for us.
The manager at Platanias Villas was excellent and bent over backwards to help give us a fantastic holiday. and the manager made sure the 9 of us had a room to stay for the day of our departure, after morning check-out at the villa.
We had a wonderful holiday at Platanias Villas, all 9 of us, and will definitely come back if ever we can!

17 May 2012
Very large place. Could not use pool as it was too cool. We could not work the dishwasher as we could not even figure ow to open it.. There was no dish soap or even hand soap or salt and pepper. Would be nice to have a few basics in the house. Otherwise the place is amazing, clean, pretty gardens and a more quiet location which we needed after Athens.

12 May 2012
Very nice villas but there are a few things that could have been improven. 1. Kitchen, not vell equipped for 8 persons. 2. WI-Fi access very poor, almost useless. 3. Missing outdoor barbeque possibility. 4. Missing outdoor playground for the children.

29 April 2012
The number of vessels could be more. Washing machine is very old. Otherwise, everything was very good - very convenient location, a quiet place.

25 March 2012
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17 February 2012
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26 June 2011
Great venue. Dvd player did not open which you may wish to replace. Possibly consider putting in a stereo system with an MP3/ipod dock.
Also, would have loved to have a bbq, but not enough wood. A few extra dishes, for salads, bbq's etc would be handy.
I will book again if I return to Crete.

11 June 2011
We had the moment of our lifes when we lived up in your "villas". Many thank's.
If we had to complain of something we certainly think that the kitchen did not have enough pots, bowls, large cutlery, carving knife and stuff. Some extra standard plates and set of cutlery will not hurt.

1 June 2011
We had e nice stay at your property. What I would suggest is to get more dishes for Kitchen, especailly small and mid size pans and get toster over there.
TV sets - DVD was not working in all rooms. When you stay with kids you need it.