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Ano Stalos

Ano Stalos Village 2Ano Stalos, meaning Upper Stalos, is the higher part of the Stalos village built on top of a hill, 1.7 km away from the sea; it is located 9 km west of Chania. The Ano Stalos village is developed in a core; houses mixed with touristic accommodation, a small square with tavernas, shops, and a church. It is an ideal place to combine unwind and relaxing holidays with choices of intense nightlife in the nearby villages of Platanias and Agia Marina; moreover the Chania Old Town is very near to visit.

In Ano Stalos there are a few shops, restaurants and tavernas, where you can find all the necessary everyday facilities around the central square. One of the tavernas is the very well known  taverna 'Merovigli' that is an excellent place to try Greek dishes and traditional food.

Another fine choice for food is the Maria's Restaurant, in the center of the village of Stalos. There are more food choices along the main waterfront road, and in the nearby Platanias (try the Mylos tou Kerata).

Stalos beachStalos beachStalos beach

While staying in Ano Stalos you can go for swimming in the fine, sandy beach of Stalos. There is the beach bar Mambo where you can relax while listening to music; the sandy beach extends for many km so is easy to find a peaceful place to relax if you prefer this. Along the beach you can try some sports such as volleyball, beach tennis, and water-cycling. You can also admire the lovely views on the islet of Agioi Theodoroi. Furthermore, while staying in Ano Stalos it is easy to organise trips in the remote cliffs behind the Ano Stalos village.

The time-distance from the harbour of Souda and the international airport of Akrotiri is about 30 minutes if you come from the New National Road, otherwise it may take longer. The village''''s good transportation network and its position (next to the knot of the National road of Crete, close to Chania but also in the countryside) gives the visitor of Ano Stalos the opportunity to travel fast and easily to most of the sights of the district of Chania and Crete.


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