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Platanias Villas



ВИЛЛЫ / ПЕРИОДЫ April May June July August September October
Platanias Villa (4 bedrooms) 3050 3050 3050 4250 4250 4250 3050
Platanias Villa (3 bedrooms) 2500 2500 2500 3700 3700 3700 2500
Platanias Villa (2 bedrooms) 2250 2250 2250 3300 3300 3300 2250
  • The above prices include all taxes and VAT.
  • Prices shown are for every villa Platanias per week in Euros.
  • Air-condition, bed linen, bathroom towels, pool towels, sea towels and full cleaning every 3/4 days (twice per week) are included in the above prices.
  • Free wireless internet is provided.
  • Every villa can ideally accommodate up to 4 guests (in the 2-bedroom villa), 6 guests (in a 3-bedroom villa) or 8 guests (in a 4-bedroom villa).
    An additional guest can sleep very comfortably on an extra standard bed or a sofa bed.
  • Please note that the pool can be heated up to 24 Celsius at the additional cost of 120 Euros per day, at least for a 3-day period. Please inform us about one week before arrival in case you would like to have the pool heated.
  • The 2-bedroom, the 4-bedroom and two of the 3-bedoom Platanias Villas offer a private pool that is half indoor and half outdoor, while two 3-bedroom Platanias Villas offer a total indoor private pool each.
  • Специальное предложение 10% скидка предлагается до 31 Декабрь для бронирований 4 ночей или более, на пребывание между 1 Апрель и 31 Октябрь
Условия Бронирования
30% Сумма депозита необходима, чтобы подтвердить ваше бронирование.
Баланс должен быть оплачен за 28 дней до заезда.

Политика Аннулирования
50% of the deposit is kept in case you cancel your reservation 28 days or more before check-in.
В случае аннулирования вашей резервации менее, чем за 28 дней до заезда, вся сумма депозита будет удержана.