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50 Виллы с две спальни в Ханья, Крит, показывающий 1-15

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50 Виллы найдены в Ханья
  1. Iakinthi Villa в Крит, Ханья, Ставрос

    Iakinthi Villa

    в Ханья, Ставрос, от 221 / ночь

    Iakinthi вилла в Ставрос, Акротири является приморский поселок с 3 спальнями, в 600 метрах от только отличным песчаным пляжем в районе Ставрос и в 800 метрах от очень красивой голубой пляжа. Центр деревни Ставрос 1100 метров со многими местными таверн, мини-рынков и очень хороший песчаный пляж. Город Ханья находится в 15 км от отеля.  Более...

  2. Villa Karma в Крит, Ханья, Voukolies

    Villa Karma

    в Ханья, Voukolies, от 110 / ночь

    Villa Karma is a new, traditional 2-bedroom Villa with a small private and heated pool offering lovely nature views in the peaceful village of Kakopetros, 11 km from the village of Voukolies and 19 km frοm the shingle beach of Tavronitis.  Более...

  3. Casa Rustica в Крит, Ханья, Малеме

    Casa Rustica

    в Ханья, Малеме, от 200 / ночь

    Casa Rustica is a brand new 2-bedroom Villa with a lovely private pool, designed with the life experience of the kind owner. A sea view private pool with a children corner, in a plot planted with olive trees, a wineyard, and cypress trees is available to explore. The Villa is located on top of a hill, 6 km from Maleme shingle beach.  Более...

  4. Southern Paradise Villas в Крит, Ханья, Каламаки

    Southern Paradise Villas

    в Ханья, Каламаки, от 280 / ночь

    Southern Paradise Villas are three new, luxury 3-bedroom Villas, each with a private pool, at 300 meters only from the lovely sandy beach of Kalamaki. All guests can enjoy a few very nice restaurants in short walking distance. Two mini-markets are also easily acessible on foot.  Более...

  5. MM Villa в Крит, Ханья, Vryses

    MM Villa

    в Ханья, Vryses, от 190 / ночь

    MM Villa is a modern 3-bedroom Villa with a private pool in the traditional village of Vrisses, located only 7 km from the town of Georgioupoli and the sandy beach. A few nice taverns, a supermarket and a bakery are found at 500 meters away.  Более...

  6. Kassiopeia Villa в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Kassiopeia Villa Новинки!

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 292 / ночь

    Kassiopeia Villa is a recently renovated and luxury Villa with 3 bedrooms, a private pool and amazing panoramic sea views of Souda bay and Chania town, located about 5 km from the town of Chania and 8 km from the sandy beach. Supermarkets and taverns are easily accessible within a few minutes drive.  Более...

  7. Rooftop Jacuzzi Apartment в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Rooftop Jacuzzi Apartment

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 222 / ночь

    Rooftop Jacuzzi Apartment is first floor Apartment with 3 bedrooms, a heated Jacuzzi on its private rooftop and amazing panoramic views of Chania town. The Apartment is ideally located 700 meters from two cafes famous for their sweets and views and about 1 km from the nearest restaurant, mini market and bakery.  Более...

  8. Villa Levande в Крит, Ханья, Сфинари

    Villa Levande

    в Ханья, Сфинари, от 230 / ночь

    Villa Levande is a brand new 2-bedroom villa with gorgeous sea views and a private pool in the traditional village of Sfinari, at about 1100 meters from the sandy/pebble beach. The nearest tavern and a mini market can be found in very short walking distance.  Более...

  9. Villa Olga в Крит, Ханья, Алмирида

    Villa Olga Новинки!

    в Ханья, Алмирида, от 170 / ночь

    Villa Olga is a true traditional villa, a centuries-old stone building (the village mansion of its time), renovated to accommodate 3 bedrooms and 2 baths while maintaining the architectural charm of its era. This amazing secret place is located in the village of Aspro, 1800 meters from the sea and 25 km east of Chania town.  Более...

  10. Seaside Villa Balos в Крит, Ханья, Киссамос

    Seaside Villa Balos

    в Ханья, Киссамос, от 150 / ночь

    The 3-bedroom Seaside Villa Balos is located 10 km away from the lovely sandy beach of Falasarna and only a few km away from the unique Balos lagoon, while it is only a few meters away from a few family-friendly sandy beaches. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are offered in a very beautiful and peaceful landscape.  Более...

  11. Villa Olive в Крит, Ханья, Voukolies

    Villa Olive

    в Ханья, Voukolies, от 140 / ночь

    Villa Olive это красивая, традиционная вилла с двумя спальнями, расположенная в зеленой местности, в окружении оливковых рощ, в небольшой деревне Вукольес, примерно в 30 км на юго-запад от города Ханья.  Более...

  12. Villa Idyllic в Крит, Ханья, Малеме

    Villa Idyllic Новинки!

    в Ханья, Малеме, от 250 / ночь

    Villa Idyllic is a lovely, brand new 3-bedroom Villa with a sea view private pool of about 40 sqm. It is located about 3 km from the town and the shingle beach of Maleme, where can be also found many taverns and restaurants.  Более...

  13. Villa Narciso в Крит, Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи

    Villa Narciso

    в Ханья, Старый Город Ханьи, от 230 / ночь

    Villa Narciso is a brand new 3-bedroom Villa with beautiful sea views of Souda bay, located only 4 km from Chania town and 6 km from the sandy beach of Nea Chora. A few waterfront taverns, a supermarket, a pharmacy store, a bakery and Mega Place Cinema are found within walking distance.  Более...

  14. Kori Villa в Крит, Ханья, Kefalas

    Kori Villa Новинки!

    в Ханья, Kefalas, от 140 / ночь

    Kori villa is a lovely traditional 2-bedroom villa with a small private pool, which is located in the peaceful village of Kefalas, 5 km from the pebble beach of Obrosgialos. A mini-market and a few taverns can be found at about 400 meters away.  Более...

  15. Fortino Villa в Крит, Ханья, Терзанас

    Fortino Villa Новинки!

    в Ханья, Терзанас, от 175 / ночь

    Fortino Villa is a hospitable traditional villa with a master bedroom and an open attic, about 1100 meters from the lovely sandy beach of Tersanas, located in a place of great natural beauty. A sea view private pool with sun loungers, a barbecue corner and a few nice outdoor dining areas are offered outside.  Более...